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Technical Specifications

Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit - Island Innovator

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Main particulars:

Design GM4000-Enhanced version Drilll-WI unit
Classification DNV +1A1 Column Stabilized Drilling Unit, DRILL (N)NPOS-AUTRO, POSMOOR-ATA, CRANE(N), HELIDK-SH
Quarters 120 single bed cabins (NMD/Norsok)
Water depth
Variable load
4,800 mT
Work area
Complies with Rules & Regulations for UK & Norwegian waters
Transit speed
7-9 knots
Positioning IMO DP Class 3 + 8 ea anchor winches
Operating conditions
28 m/s wind, 8 m Hs sea
Survival conditions
51,5 m/s wind, 17 m Hs sea
Design temperature
-20°C to +35°C air temperatures
Overall length (Loa) 104,5 m
Overall width (Bm) 65,0 m
Length of main deck 81,5 m
Width of main deck 65,0 m
Height main deck 36,85 m (from bottom of pontoons)
Height Drillfloor 42,85 m
Height Top of Bracing 13,85 m
Pontoons 13 m x 9,75 m (h) (1,3 m radius)
Columns 4 ea 13 m x 13 m (1,3 m radius)
Moonpool 21,95 m x 7 m
Operating Draft 17,75 m
Air gap in Operating Draft 11,5 m
Survival Draft 15,75 m
Transit Draft 9,2 m (+4,5 m for thrusters)
Operating Displacement 38.040 mT
Survival Displacement 36.308 mT
Transit Displacement 28.736 mT