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New Personnel on, and Offshore

New Personnel

Island Drilling has decided to run the Management for the Semi Sub Island Innovator, and in that regard we are looking for new crew and Management personnel, following positions on and offshore:

Onshore positions

-        Rig Manager

-        QHSE Coordinator

-        Personnel Coordinator

-        Purchaser

-        Cost Controller


Offshore Positions

-        Offshore Installation Manager (OIM/Captain)

-        Stability Section leader (1st officer certificate)

-        DP Operators/Control room operators with DP Certificate.

-        Toolpusher/ass.Toolpusher (Rig superintendent)

-        Driller/ass.Driller.

-        Derrickman/ ass. Derrickman

-        Roughneck

-        Crane Operators

-        Roustabouts (Rigger)

-        Medic

-        Chief Engineer (Technical department manager)

-        Ass. Chief Engineer

-        Electrician Supervisor

-        Electrician

-        Electronic Technician

-        Mechanics

-        Hydraulic Engineer

-        Engine room operator (Motorman)

-        Welder

-        Safety Officer

-        Maintenance Supervisor

-        Storekeeper

-       Subsea Engineer


For all positions it is required with experience from MODU operation, good experience from Offshore Installations can also be accepted.

Job applications can be sent to either: