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Island Drilling have the GM4000 Enhanced Version rig Island Innovator under operation, a purpose-built heavy well intervention unit capable of handling all well intervention needs, but has changed the scope and layout to an MODU(drilling unit), and that make this rig as an perfect de-commisioning and P&A rig.

The unit is the first of its kind, and is designed for North Sea operations. The Island Innovator is a fully equipped semi-submersible drilling unit based on proven design. 
Island Drilling is responsible for marketing and Manager Odfjell Drilling AS is responsible operation of the rig.

Performance data:

•Good performance 6 year of operation(average on 97% available rig for customer).
•Have good results in exploration, with 5 good drill steam test, included Gotha, and Alta.
•Good feedback from the crew onboard, low sick leave.
•Has been upgrade to operate in – 6 Degrees C in the Barent Sea, operation from 1st of March – 1st of December.
•Subsea crane(165 ton SWL), installed, with compensator system for lifting of subsea base and production equipment.
•15K test equipment and lines

Equipment onbord that makes this rig special:

NOV 165T AHC knuckle boom crane: 

The unique operational advantage of the compensated crane in combination with the rig’s DP capability makes a positive difference compared to many other units. Subsea operations such as template installation and preparation spud of new well / top-hole drilling and P&A operations can be done in combination with mooring activities.

The crane can operate in AHC mode down to more than 1000 meter water depth, and can therefore be very useful for subsea work on templates on sea bed, performing work such as:

  • Opening hatches
  • Installation of templates (Due to DP, the rig can perform wet tow of templates in rougher conditions than other subsea vessels)
  • Peeling of FPSO w/ top drive simplifies the hammering operations.
  • Heavy constructions can also be lifted at sea bed by use of the compensated top drive or crane
  • PGBs and OTSs running (or pulling) or deployment campaign in batch riser less mode

This can reduce cost by avoiding additional hire of separate subsea vessel with compensated crane. 


The rig has good experience with using its DP system for station keeping while waiting on mooring operations to start. This capability significantly reduces time spent on WOW for anchor operations. The rig has also performed drilling and P&A of top hole sections on DP

Excellent ballasting pumps and set up gives the advantages of fast ballasting operations. Saves rig time.

The anchor winches are operating “quietly” in a fast and efficient way. This allows the rig to move fast to/from well centre when required.


The main ROV facilities, with integrated control room for ROV pilots, are well planned and functioning very good. The launching is set up using cursor system placed close to the rig centre.

Constant tension wires to pontoon enable the ROV to be launched up to 4 m sign wave height. Launching and recovery above 4 m sign is pending wave and wind direction.

Operational advantages:

The derrick design, with a “half derrick” makes it easier to transport equipment in/ out of drill floor such as casing make up tongs etc. When it comes to coil tubing gooseneck frame, it can be lifted with the starboard crane and directly into rig floor.

 A separate racking tower, with set back and fingerboards reduces the potential for dropped object on rig floor. Working around rotary is therefore more safe and efficient and compared to other single derrick designs.

The design also gives the advantage to do minor maintenance on racking facilities while drilling.

 Hatches on drill floor give the possibility to both accesses the BOP from the top, and lift in PGB and other equipment direct to moon pool area using rig cranes.

 On the same mezzanine deck, there is installed an efficient sub-, elevator-, slips container, and in combination of the local drill floor crane the drill crew are self-supplied with the minor drilling needs.

 Due to the NOV cylinder hoist system, time spent for slip and cut operations are avoided.

 The well test equipment is permanently on-board on the present contract. This capability saves cost and reduces cargo handling. 

Other advantages:

Due to the Well intervention design, the designed deck load capacity pr m2 on most areas are rated above comparable MODU rigs.

The use of hoses fixed in loading stations on both sides, ensures safe and efficient bulk transfer to/ from vessels.

All offices, meeting rooms and collaboration room for most service parties are located on the same floor inside Living quarter. This makes the day to day work effective for the on-board management.
110 single bed capacity allows for some extra personnel for active training and visitors. Oversized windows and pen areas give a good environmental feeling.
Good material handling:
  • Dedicated deck aft of derrick, starboard of catwalk allow for materiel transfer from both cranes in rough seas.
  • Ease handling of comprimator’s and other trash containers
  • Dedicated elevator from main deck to main stores. Avoids crane lifting in blind spots.

Good capacity in store makes the rig tidy and in good order

Island Innovator Brojoure

Explore the technical specifications and equipment specification for the GM4000 semi-submersible intervention vessel.