• Signering av Kontrakten med OMV

    Signering av Kontrakten med OMV

    Viser til pressemelding den 12.12, der vi hadde den glede å meddele internt og eksternt den gode nyheten for Island Drilling at vi hadde signert Kontrakt med OMV.
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  • Press release from Island Drilling Company AS

    Press release from Island Drilling Company AS

    Island Drilling Company AS is pleased to announce that the company has been awarded a Contract with OMV (Norge) AS the 12th of December, to drill one well on License 644, close to Aasgaard Field in the North Sea. In addition, a separate agreement has been signed with OMV, which applies to up to 3 option wells for OMV in other Norwegian sea areas.
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Special purpose semi-submersible rig for heavy well intervention and drilling

Island Innovator was built as a heavy well intervention vessel with full drilling specifications. It is designed specifically for maximum efficiency in production drilling on subsea templates.

The rig is equipped for efficient handling of x-mas trees and subsea structures including templates.

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Projects and contracts

Island innovator was in continuous operations from 2013 to October 2018

After a short idle period, the drilling and well control equipment was recertified, and the rig was prepared for operation for CNOOC at the Howick well West of Shetland.

The Howick well was successfully completed within the timeframe and the budget.

Island Innovator moved from Howick to the Bremsnes fjord outside Kristiansund for a short mobilization prior to start drilling on the Canela Well for DNO at the Haltenbanken area and are now drilling the Canela well for DNO.

Island Drilling is now preparing for operations for OMV.